No 2 lighting retrofits are ever the same as there are myriad factors to be weighed that affect the outcome of each. These factors range from the size and type of business to the number and type of fixtures involved to hours of operation and even what part of the country you live in (sunrise and sunset times are different in Northern and Southern Ontario). That said however when it’s time to plan for your warehouse lighting retrofit you’ll be faced with 3 basic options: replacement of the bulbs themselves, 1 to 1 replacement of entire fixtures or redesigning the entire lighting scheme of the warehouse. Each will result in some measure of savings for you but there’s only 1 that will allow you to truly optimize your results.

Warehouse Lighting Retrofit Options

We suggest you weigh all the options carefully before deciding which of the following is best for you. Keep in mind that the most “affordable” option isn’t always the one that’s in your company’s best long term interests.

  1. Replacement of the Bulbs – This is without a doubt the most affordable of the 3 options in that it requires the smallest initial investment. It’s also the one that will take the least time and result in the least disruption to your operations. While those things are all great there is also a significant downside to this approach. You’ll be limited in which bulbs you can use. Your “retrofit” system will have the shortest shelf life of any of the 3 options. Your maintenance costs will be higher and your long term savings will be significantly lower. Simply swapping out bulbs is also likely to fail to address inconsistencies in your current lighting scheme.
  2. 1 for 1 Replacement of Fixtures – A large number of the warehouse lighting retrofit projects we do at LEDdirect entail 1 for 1 swap-outs of current fixtures for new, energy efficient LED fixtures. This type of retrofit is easy to wrap one’s head around, doesn’t require any complex re-imagining of your facility and has only a moderate upfront cost because you don’t have to add any new wiring to your warehouse. You simply use the wiring already in place for the existing fixtures. On the downside you wind up keeping a lot of fixtures you may not actually need, are unable to address specific lighting issues, aren’t able to install sophisticated controls that could save you substantially more in the long run and are likely to incur higher than necessary maintenance costs.
  3. Redesigning the Lighting Scheme of the Warehouse – The most successful lighting retrofit from a long-term savings standpoint is that which stands back and takes a fresh look at how you light your facility. A new scheme is then devised and implemented that addresses safety, productivity and conservation concerns while at the same time drastically reducing your monthly energy consumption and setting your business up for long-term sustainability. This type of warehouse lighting retrofit begins with a comprehensive energy audit that identifies waste and poor deployment of lighting resources while pointing the way toward effective solutions.

commercial retrofit lighting ROIThe Choice is Yours

No one can tell you what’s right for your Ontario business. Those decisions lie solely with you. But our recommendation in most cases is for those interested in a warehouse lighting retrofit to go with option 3 because it will result in the greatest long-term financial benefit for the company. Even if you plan to relocate in 5 years’ time redesigning your lighting scheme is often the best choice as it will add significant value to your facility come sales time.