The commercial lighting retrofit has become a commonplace endeavor for businesses large and small in Ontario and beyond. Ultra-high performance lighting technology that was at first met with a healthy dose of skepticism has proven its worth and is now recognized as a sure fire way for companies to slash overhead, increase productivity and live up to their environmental responsibilities. Still, while LED and related technologies have finally gained the widespread acceptance they deserve, many business owners are still not clear how to get optimal results from their lighting retrofit.

The Fine Points of the Commercial Lighting Retrofit

The following tips should help you reap the maximum benefit possible from your upcoming retrofit.

 The Installer is as Important as What’s Installed

The question of how a business owner can get the most out of a Industrial lighting retrofit is often muddled by the fact that the booming retrofit industry has attracted its fair share of frauds. The whole thing is not unlike what happened during the .com bubble when anyone who could spell the words “web design” was passing themselves off as a web designer and profiting handsomely from their customer’s lack of familiarity with the subject. So the first rule of getting the most out of your retrofit is to hire a company with a proven track record of success, like LEDdirect.

Know Why You’re Doing it

Preparation is key to making sure you get the most out of your retrofit. By preparation we mean taking the time to define the problem with your current lighting scheme and having an experienced company in to perform a comprehensive energy audit of your facility. Once you’ve defined the problem in your own terms and learned from the energy audit exactly where the waste is coming from you can devise a set of realistic goals and expectations for the project and not simply go into it blindly.

commercial lighting TorontoDon’t Ignore Unique Lighting Challenges

Part of your preparation should include an assessment of those aspects of your business that require special lighting attention and then making sure you work with the retrofit company to address those unique lighting concerns. Even the most experienced LED retrofit technicians aren’t mind readers. So while they typically do an excellent job anticipating your needs you’ll still need to make sure you speak up regarding anything you want them to pay particular attention to.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Controls

The addition of task and area specific lighting controls will help ramp up the savings from your retrofit. There may be some areas that are being lit constantly now that would be much better served by the installation of motion sensors (occupancy detectors) that trip the lights on and off as people enter and exit. Other areas may benefit from dimmers and you may want to divide your facility up into different zones programmed to come on and off at different times.

Keep it Clean

One last way to ensure you squeeze every bit of value out of your commercial lighting retrofit is to make sure the new lights are always clean. It’s estimated that a dirty light is up to 10% less effective than a clean one. But don’t worry, it wouldn’t be a daily thing. Having the lights cleaned once every six months should be sufficient.

Conclusion for led lighting retrofit proposal

A commercial lighting retrofit can make the difference between your Ontario Saveonenergy Retrofit Program, business treading water and becoming profitable. And the more you get out of your retrofit the better off you’ll be. Take the above tips to heart and you’ll be sure to achieve the optimal results you hoped for when you began the process.