Congratulations! You’ve made the crucial decision to invest in your company’s long term well-being (as well as the well-being of the planet) by undergoing a lighting retrofit. Now it’s time to find the right retrofit company for the job and this is where things can get a little tricky. That’s because, like many growth industries, the lighting retrofit business has experienced a rapid influx of “experts” intent on making a quick buck. They’ve learned some of the lingo and may even have a snazzy truck or two but they don’t really offer anything more than a glorified light bulb changing service.

LED Retrofit ServiceThe Importance of Vetting Potential Lighting Retrofit Companies

What you need is a company to do a thorough assessment of your Ontario facility, determine where waste is occurring and how your current lighting scheme is actually undermining productivity and then implement a comprehensive retrofit program that will allow you to achieve the twin goals of reduced consumption and maximized profits. But how to separate the retrofit wheat from the chaff? Below, we’ll list several things you should look for in prospective lighting retrofit companies.

The Energy Audit

Any lighting retrofit companies that don’t offer to perform an energy audit should be thanked for their time and shown the door. That’s because they can’t devise an effective retrofit scheme until they’ve determined exactly where waste is occurring. Simply performing a 1 for 1 light swap is not going to cut it. In addition, poor lighting is often responsible for lagging worker productivity, something an energy audit can reveal.

The Plan

An effective retrofit is more than just installing light fixtures for rock bottom prices. There needs to be a comprehensive plan – backed by the results of the energy audit – that demonstrates how best to deploy resources in order to maximize ROI. The contractor should also be upfront with you about how LEDs will affect light distribution and any adjustments you’ll need to make to accommodate that.

The Installation

It’s important to ask any prospective lighting retrofit companies right up front how they plan to minimize disruptions to your business. The retrofit contractor should also make it clear which of their people is taking the point on the project and make that person accessible to you throughout the process. In addition, you’ll want to make certain that person is up to speed on the various energy codes in play so as to avoid problems later.

The Wrap

Since the entire thrust of the retrofit is to help you save energy (and by extension money) the retrofit contractor must go over the entire facility once the installation is complete to measure outputs and make sure the goals laid out in the initial plan have been met. If not, they should be willing to tweak the new system free of charge until things fall properly in line.

The Rebate

Rebates can cover as much as half the cost of a lighting retrofit. As such it’s vital that lighting retrofit companies help you with the rebate process and shepherd your application through to approval by the relevant utility or government agency. This should not be open for debate. If they’re the experts they say they are they should be more than willing to handle this important aspect of the project for you.

Before you embark on your lighting retrofit make sure you’re dealing with a company that has the experience and expertise to do the job right. More businesses in Ontario trust LEDdirect than any other single retrofit company.

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