By utilizing new energy efficient LED lighting technology most businesses can realize substantial reductions in energy usage and cut their monthly electric bills by up to 50% or more. But a commercial lighting retrofit from LEDdirect will also benefit your company in many other ways you may not have considered but which could help ensure its viability for years to come.

A Commercial Lighting Retrofit From LEDdirect Makes Sense on Every Level

While a commercial lighting retrofit may sound like a disruptive process it is normally nothing of the kind. The retrofit pros from LEDdirect in Toronto are the finest electricians in Ontario and will carry out your retrofit in the least obtrusive manner possible. In most cases your business will suffer zero disruptions to normal operations during the retrofit process which begins with:

  • Our Go Green Energy Audit – Before embarking on the actual retrofit our team will conduct a free, no obligation Go Green audit of your business to identify energy waste and compare your current energy consumption and expenses to what they will be post-retrofit. You will likely be amazed at both how much energy your business is currently wasting and how much money you’ll save after a retrofit.
  • Detailed Retrofit Proposal – Once the Go Green energy audit is complete we’ll provide you with a comprehensive energy savings proposal that will lay out lighting design options incorporating the products we feel are best suited to your particular business. Energy Savings written Proposal will also feature your estimated saveONenergy rebate amount, your projected annual savings and the estimated time to recover the cost of your retrofit (usually 1-5 years).
  • Installation – A specially trained retrofit coordinator will handle the process throughout and be available to answer any questions or address any concerns. Every member of our team is a fully licensed, master electrician with years of experience. They will conduct the retrofit in the least intrusive way possible working within a convenient, pre-arranged schedule.
  • Clean Up – Once the retrofit is complete all waste materials will be disposed of in a proper, environmentally safe way. As many older fixtures contain hazardous materials this step is crucial in not undermining the environmentally responsible steps you’ve taken with your retrofit.

The reasons to retrofit are many and start, of course, with the substantial energy savings you’ll begin to enjoy from day one.

Other reasons to call LEDdirect for a commercial lighting retrofit include:

  • To comply with new government mandated efficiency standards
  • To drastically reduce your lighting related maintenance costs
  • To become an environmentally responsible business
  • To improve the quality of light in your business
  • To increase profitability

If you are still unsure whether a lighting retrofit would benefit your business call LEDdirect today and schedule a Go Green audit. We will demonstrate to you in no uncertain terms how much energy and money you will save as a result of a commercial lighting retrofit.

So call us today on 416-635-5533 and speak to one of our highly trained retrofit experts. You’ll be glad you did.