We live in an age where environmental concerns are more important than ever. And Canadians have risen to the challenge. Millions of people nationwide, including many here in Ontario, now take part in the SaveonEnergy retrofit program.

Ontario SaveonEnergy Retrofit ProgramFunded by the Independent Electricity System Operator, the program provides incentives for homeowners and businesses to upgrade old, wasteful electrical appliances to new, cost-effective models.

The Ontario SaveonEnergy Retrofit Program has helped countless families and business owners cut monthly utility costs, all while doing their part for the environment. The program provides subsidies for designated energy-efficient products such as ENERGY STAR®-qualified LED lights.

The Ontario SaveonEnergy Retrofit Program and Lighting

If you live in Ontario and want to reduce your monthly energy bill by investing in new lights, SaveonEnergy can help! The program offers the following incentives as part of its retrofit lighting program:

  • $40 for Occupancy Sensors – Occupancy sensors reduce energy usage by up to 25 percent by snapping on automatically when someone is close by. They are commonly installed as outdoor lights, but can be used indoors as well.If you’re a business owner. You can potentially save big money by installing sensors in your parking garage, bathrooms, hallways and conference rooms. The retrofit program offers up to $40 for each unit purchased.
  • Up to $460 for LED lights – Retrofitting LED lights is a growing trend, and for good reason. They last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, and use 75 percent less electricity. They come in all shapes, sizes and wattages, and you can get a subsidy worth between $6 and $460, depending on the specific model you buy. Lights must be Energy Star qualified for you to receive the subsidy, and light fixtures must be DLC qualified.
  • $150 for Bay Lighting – The Ontario SaveonEnergy Retrofit Program also offers a generous subsidy for purchasers of new retrofit bay lighting; up to $150! Eligible bay lights come in two models: T-5 and T-5 high output, and T-8. The T-5s are for high-level bay lights (25 feet above floor level), with the T-8s being for medium-level (16-25 feet).

If you’re tired of staring at a massive electricity bill every month and are ready to retrofit your home or business lighting systems, get in touch with us at Retrofit Lighting Toronto! We specialize in retrofitting LED lights, and offer a range of products eligible for subsidies through the Ontario SaveonEnergy Retrofit Program. Call 1-877-449-2777 today!