LED Retrofit Proposal

Following the completion of an LEDdirect Go Green Energy Lighting Audit, we will provide property owners/managers with LEDdirect’s Energy Savings Proposal, a comprehensive document detailing the results of our audit and various options for an LEDdirect lighting design that will include the products that best suit the lighting requirements of the building, focusing on energy efficiency and customer budget.

Energy Savings Proposal Includes:

  • Total Project Cost
  • Estimated saveONenergy Rebate
  • Current Energy Consumption
  • Estimated Future Energy Consumption
  • Estimated Annual Savings
  • Percentage Annual Savings
  • Time to recover costs of initial investment. (usually between 1-5 years)
  • A lighting design either for a new fixture upgrade system or an existing fixture retrofit system.
  • Recommendations for additional energy saving products – (eg: timers, occupancy, and/or natural daylight sensors)

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