Today more than ever, Canadians everywhere are transforming their properties with retrofit lighting. By harnessing the power of retrofit lighting, Canadian property owners are making their buildings more energy efficient while improving their lighting levels and reducing maintenance costs.

Your building’s tenants understand the importance of quality lighting. There are few aspects of a building’s appearance that are more crucial than its lighting. Since lighting is the first thing your guests notice when they enter your building, it immediately sets the tone for the rest of their stay. To leave the right impression, you need to make sure your building is properly illuminated.

That’s where the benefits of retrofit lighting come in. With retrofit lighting, you can delight your building’s guests with top notch lighting solutions that feel welcoming, warm, and relaxing. Are you ready to embrace the benefits of retrofit lighting? Read on to find out all there is to know about the benefits of retrofit lighting.

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Benefit from Better LED Retrofit Lighting

When you make the switch to retrofit lighting, you benefit in several important ways. First, you save money in the long term by improving your building’s energy efficiency. Second, your building’s overall mood and appearance will be given a facelift thanks to the additional lighting coverage that retrofit lights provide.

Not only that, but your building will also enjoy lower maintenance costs and fewer headache-inducing lighting mishaps. This makes life easier for those responsible for maintaining a building’s lighting and electrical system. Also, well lit buildings have been proven to be safer and more productive environments for workers.
The benefits of retrofit lighting are boundless. When you upgrade your lighting system with retrofit lighting solutions, you enjoy immediate benefits in terms of safety, productivity, and aesthetics. On the other hand, you also benefit in the medium to long-term by taking advantage of greater energy efficiency and government rebates.


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How Can A Lighting Retrofit Save You Money?

There are many ways that retrofit lighting can save you money, both in the long and short terms. In Ontario alone, there are several key government incentive programs that are designed to encourage building owners to embrace retrofit lighting. By taking advantage of these programs, building owners can upgrade their lighting system and pad their bottom line at the same time.

Ontario SaveONEnergy Retrofit Program

The Ontario SaveONEnergy Retrofit Program provides enticing incentives for building owners in Ontario. To reduce peak electricity demand, Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator introduced the SaveONEnergy rebate program to provide financial assistance for building owners interested in adopting energy conservation solutions.

Reducing electricity demand is important for environmental sustainability, and for keeping public energy costs down. The SaveONEnergy program provides cash rebates for businesses and homeowners that adopt energy efficient technologies. In doing so, Ontarian businesses and homeowners can better manage their energy consumption.

The SaveONEnergy program is available to Ontarians that adopt any of the following eligible measures. The following is a comprehensive, although not exhaustive, list of eligible measures:

Here at LEDdirect, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the SaveONEnergy program. By using this program, you can enjoy financial relief from the costs incurred during the purchasing and installation of retrofit lighting. Although the program is offered through your local hydro company, we can help point you in the right direction to get started.

Ready to Retrofit?

The evidence is undeniable: retrofit lighting can improve your building’s financial prospects, aesthetic appearance, and level of tenant safety. However, not all buildings are the same. In fact, there are eight building varieties that each have their own unique lighting considerations. Read our guide below to gain an understanding of these key differences.

Warehouse Buildings

Warehouse buildings are notable for their square footage. Most warehouse buildings run from 50,000 to many hundreds of thousands of square feet in total floor area. They are also notable for being entirely situated on one story under a high ceiling. Primarily, they are used for the warehousing of goods and the distribution of inventory and business stock.

Lighting Retrofit in a Warehouse Building

Lighting Retrofit in a Warehouse Building
Lighting Retrofit in a Warehouse Building

A warehouse lighting retrofit is unlike most other retrofit operations. This is because warehouse buildings feature notoriously high ceilings that can be costly to operate on. However, the payoff is proportionate to the cost.

Most warehouses are equipped with outdated floor lights and energy-intensive overhead illumination. It is common to find warehouses that consume over 40,000 kWh of electricity to light only 10,000 sq. ft. worth of floor space. In our view, this is simply too much. At LEDdirect, we specialize in warehouse lighting retrofit operations to cut energy costs,

After applying a warehouse lighting retrofit, you can benefit from savings of up to 60% or more. For example, old warehouse lighting systems that require 40,000 kWh to power throughout the year are commonly slashed to about 15,000 kWh over the same span of time. Over the years, this adds up to serious savings.

Manufacturing Buildings

Heavy industrial buildings, otherwise known as manufacturing buildings, are large facilities necessary for the production of goods or raw materials. They are marked by their high capacity electrical systems, extensive ductwork, high-pressurized water lines, large scale ventilation systems, drains, storage tanks, and buss ducts.

In Ontario, many heavy industrial buildings were constructed prior to the 1990s, when building codes allowed for the installation of costly, old-model electrical systems. Consequently, these buildings require a high amount of energy to light. Thankfully, heavy industrial lighting retrofit procedures can lower these costs dramatically.

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Lighting Retrofit in a Manufacturing Building

Lighting Retrofit in a Manufacturing Building
Lighting Retrofit in a Manufacturing Building

Bright lights are a critical element for any heavy industrial building. By undergoing an industrial lighting retrofit, manufacturing buildings benefit from increased workplace productivity, worker safety, and monthly cost savings via reduced energy consumption. Similar to a warehouse lighting retrofit, industrial buildings rely on LED, T5, T8, or CFL light fixtures.

Most heavy industrial lighting retrofit projects involve the installation of energy efficient LED lights between 3 and 8 feet in length. Depending on the building, they may require either low or high bay fixtures, as well as metal halide or high-pressure sodium (HPS). With proper installation, an industrial lighting retrofit can save you thousands every year in lighting costs.

Cold Storage Buildings

Otherwise known as refrigeration buildings, cold storage buildings are properties that are engineered to accommodate cold, chilled, or frozen products. These buildings are generally large single-story buildings with extensive freezer space and are used for the distribution of food items across their supply chain.

Cold storage facilities are known for their massive consumption of energy. To make matters worse, poor lighting can turn an already expensive refrigerated building into a financial nightmare. However, thanks to retrofit lighting solutions, cold storage buildings can benefit from reduced energy and maintenance costs that can lead to big savings in the long run.

Lighting Retrofit in a Cold Storage Building

Lighting Retrofit in a Cold Storage Building
Lighting Retrofit in a Cold Storage Building

When it comes to retrofitting your cold storage building, light temperature is a crucial consideration. Regardless of the specific lighting system you choose, you need to make sure that the light emits as little heat as possible so as to reduce unwanted temperature spikes.

This is why we strongly recommend using VT LED lighting solutions specifically tailored for refrigerated buildings. Whether they use high or low hanging fixtures, modern VT, VT P, or VTV LED lights are capable of brightly illuminating your building without causing any uptick in your energy bills or building temperature.

Another effective commercial lighting retrofit solution for cold storage buildings is the T5 or T5HO fluorescent bulb on a high bay gasketed lamp fixture. These lights are stunningly beautiful, sleek, and produce large amounts of soft light without any heat production. Unlike most conventional bulbs, these are built for extreme temperature environments.

Data Hosting Centers

Data hosting centers are an increasingly popular type of industrial or institutional building that are specialized for mass communications technologies. They house telecom trunk lines which power vast computer servers, hard drives, and other forms of high tech data storage. Often, these buildings are refrigerated to keep the computers cool and usually are equipped with heavy duty HVAC equipment.

Also known as telecom centers, switching centers, or cyber centers, these buildings have a reputation for being particularly demanding when it comes to electricity consumption. In most cases, taking advantage of a retrofit lighting program can save data hosting centers hundreds of thousands of kWh of power every year.

Lighting Retrofit in a Data Hosting Center

Lighting Retrofit in a Data Hosting Center
Lighting Retrofit in a Data Hosting Center

As data hosting centers become more common in the Internet age, more and more data centers are adopting green building standards. In recent years, the cost of electrical power has sharply risen. In turn, this has drawn attention to the many benefits of retrofit lighting to help save on energy costs.

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy retrofitted their data center in Washington, D.C. with high efficiency LED lighting solutions. In return, they slashed their overall energy costs by a whopping 45%. Clearly, retrofit lighting solutions for data centers are effective in reducing operational costs.

When retrofitting a data hosting center with energy efficient lighting, we recommend choosing simple 2 foot by 4 foot LED kits equipped with daylight sensors. This way, you can group your light fixtures together and make the most of natural daylight illumination. As a result, you can save on energy costs while taking advantage of your building’s organic light exposure.

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Flex Buildings

Flex buildings are multi-purpose commercial and institutional buildings that are suitable for several diverse tenants. For example, flex buildings can be used for everything from retail showrooms to office space to intensive research and development (R&D) laboratories. Like most offices, these buildings generally have low ceilings and lower square footage.

Lighting Retrofit in a Flex Building

Lighting Retrofit in a Flex Building

Flex buildings get their name from their flexibility. Not only are they flexible in terms of their purpose, but also their lighting capabilities. Although lighting decisions for flex buildings should ultimately depend on the height of their ceiling, these buildings are known for their ability to accommodate many diverse styles of retrofit lighting.

For low ceiling flex buildings (i.e., 12 feet or less), we recommend using fluorescent low-bay commercial lighting retrofit solutions. Most facilities will enjoy energy reductions of up to 60% when they make the switch to basic fluorescent LED lighting kits. Plus, environmentally friendly office spaces have the ability to charge tenants higher rents—a double win for building owners.

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Light Manufacturing Buildings

Light manufacturing buildings are industrial buildings that do not share the same intensive space requirements that heavy manufacturing buildings have. For example, they do not necessitate the same use of floor space that large scale factories or plants have. This is because they are usually not equipped with heavy machinery or large teams of workers.

Retrofitting Light Manufacturing Buildings

Retrofitting Light Manufacturing Buildings
Retrofitting Light Manufacturing Buildings

Like most industrial lighting retrofit solutions, light manufacturing buildings need to be carefully vetted prior to the retrofit. Without proper vetting, building owners may make the wrong decision when it comes to outfitting the building with the appropriate lighting. Ultimately, lighting choices for light manufacturing buildings come down to building size, floor space, natural light availability, ventilation, and temperature demands.

Regardless of ceiling height, we recommend using high-bay fluorescent light kits for industrial lighting retrofit projects. Not only do these lights tend to suit a large percentage of light manufacturing buildings, but they are universally capable of slashing energy costs between 40 and 60 percent while increasing workplace safety conditions.

R&D Buildings

Retrofitting R&D Buildings

Research and development (R&D) buildings typically belong to companies in high-tech industries such as the biotechnology sector or aerospace sciences. These buildings are typically flex-style buildings that are equipped with extensive floor space and laboratory room.

Scientific experiments are often conducted in these buildings, which require ideal lighting conditions to be carried out properly. Often, these buildings are found on university campuses or in government-owned research centers as part of public hospitals or military centers. In these cases, high-capacity lighting solutions are of paramount importance.

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Retrofitting R&D Buildings

R&D buildings are classified as “high-performance buildings” according to most international standards organizations. Unlike most commercial lighting retrofits or warehouse lighting retrofits, high-performance building retrofits are critical for ensuring safe, effective, and financially sustainable laboratory settings.

Today, many government incentives exist to help R&D buildings reduce their energy costs via lighting retrofits. By switching to high-efficiency LED lighting, these buildings can benefit from lower risk, higher effectiveness, and reduced operational costs.

Showroom Buildings

commercial lighting Toronto

Showroom buildings are unlike most other commercial or industrial buildings. While most other building types are built to enhance workplace productivity and to streamline architectural operations, showroom buildings are generally extravagant and are designed to be large, visually attractive, and inviting to diverse audiences.

As a retail building, showroom buildings are dedicated to enhancing sales. They make economical use of their vast floor space to highlight their latest products, and to help facilitate distribution across their supply chain.

Retrofitting Showroom Buildings

Retrofitting Showroom Buildings

To retrofit a showroom building is to embark on a unique experience. Unlike commercial lighting retrofits or industrial lighting retrofits, retrofitting a showroom building should prioritize aesthetics above most other considerations. For example, showroom lighting needs to provide ambiance, attractive and flattering colours, and the right amount of shade and mystique.

Overall, showroom buildings require a higher degree of creativity and design ingenuity than most other retrofit jobs. Since these buildings are designed to facilitate sales, it is important to consider the specific wants and needs of your audience. If you believe that bright, clean lighting would benefit your sales results more than dim, alluring lighting, you need to make sure that your lighting retrofit reflects those market demands.

In general, we recommend choosing a soft LED lighting kit for retail showrooms. Typically, a softer gold-coloured light will cast a flattering and pleasant glow onto your showroom floor. Plus, you will benefit from reductions in energy and maintenance costs, which means you can save room in your operational budget for other important concerns.

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