Whilst it is theoretically possible for a company to apply for and obtain a range of benefits from the Ontario retrofit program without any outside help, it is much easier to take full advantage of the incentives on offer if you hire a professional team to assist with your corporate application. There are several different tracks that companies in Ontario can pursue when applying to participate in the program and the size of the incentives made available to your organisation, as well as the documentation requirements, will depend to a large extent on the track that you choose. It is for this reason that most commercial concerns seek professional advice regarding their application.

Applying for Lighting Retrofit Rebates with Expert Assistance

The biggest benefit that your company stands to gain from taking expert advice on the matter of a commercial retrofit in Ontario is the time and money that can be saved by choosing the right track for your application from the very start. The three available tracks are prescriptive, engineered and custom, with prescriptive being the least complex and custom the most. The most suitable choice for your organisation will depend on the scope of work under consideration. Generally speaking, a simple project, such as one that involves retrofitting light fixtures in a small warehouse or suite of offices, would come under the prescriptive track whereas more complicated upgrades are suited to the engineered or custom tracks.

More Rebates for Major Projects

The level of incentives that are made available to an organization depends on the complexity and scope of the upgrades that it is planning to carry out and ultimately the track it subsequently chooses to follow. This means that it is vital to choose the right track if you want access to the full amount of lighting retrofit rebates that your upgrade plans merit. If, for example, your company is planning a major project that involves the installation of a wide range of tailor-made lighting fixtures, with the expectation of making significant energy savings over time, as much as 50% of the total cost of the upgrades could be covered by the lighting retrofit rebates that it receives. However, were you to choose the prescriptive track instead of the more appropriate engineered or custom tracks for your application, your company would miss out on the higher level of incentives that its lighting upgrades warranted.

More Documentation for Higher Incentives

In case you are wondering why every organization that wishes to participate in the program doesn’t simply follow the tracks that offer the highest lighting retrofit rebates, there is a very good reason for this: these greater incentives are only available for major upgrades and in order to prove that your company’s planned upgrades qualify for the higher level of incentives, far more technical information is required. Choosing a more complicated track than your planned retrofit project justifies would result in a lot more paperwork but no more rebates.

Working with Professionals to Maximise Your Returns and Minimise Documentation

As you can see, choosing the correct track is of vital importance. Unless your organization employs retrofitting experts who are intimately familiar with the OPA’s program, the easiest way to ensure that you choose the right track is to hire a professional firm that specialises in retrofit lighting and is capable of handling your entire upgrade project from start to finish. By working with such a firm, you will be able to ensure that your company receives all of the lighting retrofit rebates to which it is entitled, whilst submitting no more technical documents than is absolutely necessary.

Additional Benefits of Working with Professionals

A firm that specialises in lighting upgrades can pinpoint the opportunities for making the most savings in terms of reduced energy usage that exist in your commercial premises. They can advise you where LED fittings will be the most suitable upgrade option and where CFL lighting may be the better choice. By following their expert advice, your company will not only be able to gain access to the highest level of lighting retrofit rebates available for the proposed scope of work but also to maximise the energy savings resulting from the upgrades that are completed.

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