lighting retrofit sensorsWhen you hire a lighting retrofit company in Ontario to replace the existing CFL or incandescent light fittings in your commercial premises, it is well worth including occupancy and/or vacancy sensors in your retrofit plan in order to maximize the benefits your company will enjoy in the future. In this article, we are going to look at just how such sensors can help your company to save money, and to achieve other important objectives. While it is possible to add occupancy and vacancy sensors to an existing LED lighting system, it is easier to do so at the time of a retrofit if you are already planning to upgrade your commercial lighting.

 How a Lighting Retrofit with Modern Sensors Can Help Your Company

Simply swapping from older technologies to LED lighting will help your company to make significant savings but if you include sensors in the design of your new lighting system, you can reap even greater rewards from your investment in a comprehensive retrofit.

  • Increased Savings – Sensors that automatically turn off the lights in a room when it is left vacant for a certain period of time offer a great way to boost the energy savings that your company can make from a lighting retrofit in Ontario. The amount of money spent on illuminating empty spaces because the last person to leave forgot to turn the lights off can add up to a sizeable sum over time but with a system that can sense when a room has been left empty and turn the lights off for you, such wastage will no longer occur.
  • Kinder to the Environment – Another important benefit derived from the fitting of occupancy and vacancy sensors is the fact that every unit of electricity you save will result in a smaller carbon footprint for your company. Quite apart from any corporate goals you may have with regard to the environment, being seen to be less of an energy hog is sure to have a positive effect on your public image. This is important not just for organizations that rely directly on public goodwill to stay in business but for any company that may provide products or services to such organizations. Firms that are trying to boost their environmental credentials will be keen to ensure that their entire supply chain is eco-friendly.
  • Better Use of Resources – If you have a finite amount of money to spend on running costs, as most commercial organizations do, the fact you will spend less on electricity after your lighting retrofit has been completed will mean that there is more money available for training, recruitment, or any other area in which you wish to invest in the future. How big of a difference this makes to your organization will depend on the size of your premises and how much cash you currently have at your disposal but it is sure to be significant.
  • Happier Employees – Workers who no longer have to worry about small details such as turning off the lights when they leave a room, or turning them on when they enter, are likely to have a more positive attitude toward their working environment. The easier it is for them to be productive in their workspace, the happier they will be.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits that vacancy and occupancy sensors have to offer when installed as part of a comprehensive lighting retrofit, please feel free to get in touch. If you would like us to prepare a quotation for a retrofit in your commercial premises, we will be happy to visit at a mutually convenient time.