When it comes to lighting retrofits it’s not black and white. That is, you don’t have to necessarily choose between doing nothing and replacing entire fixtures. There is a middle path that can provide outstanding results while saving you money over the cost of full fixture replacements.

Let Your LED Retrofit Service Show you the Middle Way

As we mentioned the LED retrofit process is not an all or nothing proposition. Your LED retrofit service can actually provide you with 3 options when it comes to retrofitting your fluorescent fixtures:

1 to 1 lamp replacement

Doing a 1 for 1 swap of your existing lamps with LED lamps will typically provide you some practical benefits but you won’t be taking advantage of the kind of long term, game-changing savings that a full retrofit can provide.

Industrial lightingAdapting your existing fluorescent fixtures

Adapting your current fixtures to accommodate LED arrays will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your light fixtures and allow you to enjoy many of the long term savings of a full retrofit without having to shoulder the cost.

Full fixture replacement

This is by any measure the best retrofit choice as it will provide you incredible savings over the long haul, qualify you for special tax incentives and help drastically reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

For the purposes of this discussion we’re focusing on the middle way; adapting your existing fluorescents to accommodate LED arrays.

Why it Makes Sense for fluorescent lights

For more than 50 years it’s been the default MO of Ontario builders to install banks of overhead fluorescent lights in offices and other businesses large and small. In many cases little consideration was given to how many of these fixtures were actually needed and as a result many spaces wound up dramatically overlit. Retrofitting your fluorescent fixtures with LED arrays affords you the opportunity to reset your relationship with the artificial light in your office or retail outlet and, in doing so, reduce your energy consumption while making the space more productive at the same time.

How it’s Done with fluorescent lights

Retrofitting a fluorescent lamp entails the replacement of the lamp’s existing electrical components and optical elements and the installation of a tubular array of LEDs. Care must be taken by the LED retrofit service to ensure the retrofit kit being used is compatible with the fixtures being adapted and that the safety rating of the fixture being adapted is not negatively impacted by the installation of the LED arrays. When done right this type of middle of the road retrofit can result in energy savings of up to 30 percent. One word of caution though: make sure all maintenance staff are alerted to the fact that they should never try and install a standard fluorescent tube back in a fixture that’s been retrofitted as this could lead to significant safety issues.

Insurance Implications for LED retrofit service

As mentioned retrofitting existing fluorescent fixtures may have a negative impact on the safety rating of that fixture. That’s important because any change in the safety rating of the fixture could in turn negatively impact your insurance coverage as well. As such it’s important that any fixtures the LED retrofit service adapts be recertified by the insurance company without delay. Failure to do so could be costly for your company should an accident occur involving one of the adapted fluorescent fixtures.


Lighting retrofits are not black and white affairs. There are significant savings to be had in the grey areas between doing nothing and opting for full replacement of your obsolete fluorescent fixtures. LEDdirect is the premier LED retrofit service in Ontario. Call us today to find out more about adapting your fluorescent fixtures.