We provide innovative LED, fluorescent and induction lighting solutions that are a smart choice for our customers. Our retrofit lighting products enable clients to cut their energy costs without compromising on the functionality, aesthetics, safety and affordability of their lighting solutions. Whether retail, commercial, institutional or large industrial applications, we guarantee customer satisfaction on every job.


Want to learn more about how you can save on your hydro, maintenance and air conditioning bills? Contact us today to schedule your free Go Green audit. We’ll give you a report outlining your existing annual energy profile compared with the energy profile you could have with our complete lighting retrofit. We’ll also help you understand more about your eligibility to participate in the saveONenergy rebate program. Read more about Lighting Energy audit


After the completion of a free Go Green Audit, LEDdirect will prepare a complete suit of documents for you to understand the current state of the lighting in your building and how it contributes to your energy uses and expenses. By comparing your current conditions to an energy efficient LEDdirect lighting proposal, you will see how much money you will save with an efficient system, and how much value can be extracted from a saveONenergy rebate. Read more about Energy Savings retrofit proposal.


To help reduce the overall electricity demand in Ontario, the Ontario Power Authority implemented the saveONenergy rebate program. The rebate program offers an incentive to commercial and industrial facilities, encouraging them to invest in retrofit lighting projects that will reduce their electricity use and cut utility bills.
By investing in one of our retrofit lighting solutions, you can expect a government rebate of up to 50% of the project cost. To simplify the rebate process for our clients, we take care of the rebate application in its entirety. You can track and monitor the status of your application through the saveONenergy incentive program website. Read more


Your project will be managed by one of our specialized retrofit coordinators from start to finish, ensuring you have access for any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the install process. Our fully licensed and professional team of master electricians will implement the installation in an efficient, clean and non-intrusive way. A convenient schedule for installation will be arranged; our goal is to get the job done in a way that ensures minimal interruption to the day to day running of your business.
After project completion, we use recognized environmentally friendly disposal methods of all materials, ensuring proper recycling methods are used. Upon completion a recycling certificate will be issued to you. Read more about Energy Star Installation


At LEDdirect we manage all warranty claims in-house and with our own stock of replacement equipment, utilizing our staff of qualified installers so you never need to worry about extended manufacturer wait times. All our bulbs and fixtures are Energy Star rated and have a minimum life span of 50,000 hours backed by both a manufacturers warranty and a standard labour warranty on all LEDdirect retrofit projects. Read more about Warranty backed maintenance

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