In recent years technology has changed both the way we work and the environments we work in. A prime example of this is videoconferencing. Once a luxury enjoyed only by Fortune 500 companies videoconferencing has become standard operating procedure for most large and mid-sized enterprises across Ontario. But establishing professional looking, high quality video links isn’t as simple as opening Skype and clicking the videocam icon. That’s primarily because, as anyone who works in television will attest, lighting is everything when it comes to video quality and the typical conference room is a riot of competing light sources. Below we’re going to take an in-depth look at why lighting retrofit companies recommend you should be using LED lights in your conference room.

How Lighting Retrofit Companies Can Improve the Quality of your Video Conferencing

LED Lights in Your Conference RoomLight from TVs, laptops, tablets, exterior windows and more don’t seem like much of an issue. That is, until you try and hold a video conference with an important client and they can’t see you or your important supporting materials clearly because of the light pollution. LEDs provide an ideal mechanism for overcoming this problem and here’s how.

  • Achieving the proper light levels – Proper lighting balances the needs of the camera with the needs of the video conference participants. Achieving this balance requires the right combination of light fixtures and controls. Fluorescents have long been the default light source in offices but lighting retrofit companies know they’re among the worst types of light you can use to achieve professional video results because they’re nearly impossible to control. LEDs by contrast provide clean, realistic lighting effects virtually devoid of glare and can be connected to dimmers that allow you to achieve just the right light levels regardless of other environmental conditions.
  • Creating a more homogenous visual environment – Cameras are not eyes. While you may see just fine in a video conference room lit by banks of recessed fluorescents the camera may go haywire trying to figure out colours, shadows and other effects. The results can be jarring and lead to distractions and miscommunication between participants. The proper choice and placement of LED lights however can vastly improve the homogeneity of light quality in the room, reduce contrast and make the camera’s job as a whole much easier.
  • The importance of choosing the right drivers – Drivers are those components of LED fixtures that regulate the flow of power to the diode. Without them LED light would be uneven to say the least. In order for an LED light to be dimmable it must have a compatible driver. And the better matched the driver is to the fixture the more precise control you’ll have over the quality of light it emits. So, in a video conference room you’ll need not only the right balance and placement of LED fixtures but fixtures with drivers that allow for optimal control of light levels.

Lighting retrofit companies can redesign the lighting scheme in your videoconferencing room in a way that will elevate the quality of your long distance communication by several orders of magnitude. Facial expressions are suddenly clear, supporting materials can be seen by all parties without having to ask that they be moved this way or that and glare and other anomalies that can distract from a presentation or discussion are eliminated. As such your video conferences will be more productive and leave a better impression on everyone involved.


Lighting retrofit companies can be an unlikely ally in fostering more productive communications both within your organization and between your organization and the customers who keep it afloat. Call LEDdirect to find out more about retrofitting your Ontario video conference room with energy efficient, dimmable LED fixtures.