Technological breakthroughs along with new government regulations are the engine driving many a lighting retrofit projects in the Toronto area today. In addition, lighting retrofits are increasingly recognized by savvy, forward thinking business owners as a long term way to ensure the vitality and competitiveness of their companies. On top of that they make good environmental sense as well.

How a Warehouse Lighting Retrofit Can Benefit Your Business

A lighting retrofit program from LEDdirect will increase the safety of your facility by actually increasing the amount of available light while using far less energy than before. This additional illumination will help to ensure less damage to products during transfer into, out of and around the interior of the facility, increase safety for your employees and increase your facility’s security profile as well. An LEDdirect warehouse lighting retrofit will also:

  • Reduce Energy Consumption by up to 50% – Today’s LED technology is a marvel of efficiency. Yes, LED lights will cost you more upfront than incandescent or fluorescent lighting but the LED lights we install should last more than 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced. Compare that to an incandescent light’s expected 1,200 hour lifetime.
  • Dramatically Reduce Electricity Bills – With a 50% increase in efficiency you can expect to see dramatic reductions in the total electric bill for your warehouse facility virtually from day one. The exact amount you save will depend of course on what percentage of your bill can be attributed to lighting your warehouse facility.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs – Man hours devoted to servicing lights in your warehouse will be reduced to virtually nothing once your retrofit is complete due to the LED light’s incredible life span. Fewer hours spent attempting to reach light bulbs suspended in precarious positions will also mean less likelihood of accident and/or injury to your employees.
  • Give Your Facility a Facelift – One of the least talked about benefits of a warehouse lighting retrofit is the enhanced look it will provide your facility. Your warehouse will not only be safer, more secure and more energy efficient it will also look markedly better making it a more attractive place to work and more impressive to potential clients.

LED Lights

LED lights are revolutionizing the way warehouses, factories, restaurants, hospitals and more are handling their need for artificial light. Gone are the days of wasteful energy management; today we have entered the era of modern lighting technology that is turning yesterday’s incandescent age into a quickly fading memory.


The saveONenergy retrofit incentive program from Ontario Power can save you up to 50% of the cost of your warehouse lighting retrofit. Yet another reason (if any more were needed) to call LEDdirect today at 416-635-5533 and schedule a Go Green energy audit for your facility. We’ll show you just how much you can save with a warehouse lighting retrofit and then, should you decide to proceed, guide you through every step of the retrofit process in order to turn your warehouse into a more profitable component of your overall business.